All of us long for something. A place. An experience. A state of being. My writing is my attempt to build the world, triumphs and realizations our hearts secretly long for. By immersing ourselves in stories about those desires we draw their realization into our own world. By writing in fiction or childlike whimsy and fantasy I hope to bypass our learned intellectual objections to what is possible and assumed. Our minds seek limitations, but our hearts must run free, not only for a better future but to truly live at all.


I've chosen writing over other arts because its virtually boundless in its potential for creation. Unlike a canvas or sculpture the only limit to my story telling is that of my own and each readers mind.

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About Jesse

Born and raised on a family farm in the green mountains of Vermont, Jesse now lives in South Carolina with his wife, Stephanie, and their five children. A life long student of science fiction, fantasy, and world history, Jesse enjoys storytelling and world building in traditional written forms and through the immersive medias and mechanics of games. Service as a United States infantryman has shaped his understanding of life and imparted an appreciation for a wide range of human experiences. He draws inspiration from history, nature, technology, and the lives of those around him as well as his personal experiences.