The origin of stories about Vallarn and its various adventures is a long and complex one. In short the Vallarn stories are the combination of several interests, hobbies, story ideas, and time spent playing with my children.​ There are too many threads to pull on when trying to explain how Vallarn came into being. I think it started with a twelve inch foam sphere from a craft store. That ball of foam turned into a plastered and painted world for a "space ship game" that I played with my children. Later, when modelling Warhammer 40,000 models, chiefly Rough Riders I began to search for a world that would justify both Tallarn and Valhallan regiments. The two seemingly polar opposite themes inspired the idea of a tidally locked world with one side suffering the relentless heat of that world's star and the other plunged in an unforgiving glacial night without end. The model mentioned above aligned with the image in my own mind and the hive city I had modeled on its geography inspired further ideas of a singular city, now called Valt, that would provide a third environment, that of an industrial inorganic hive like city comparable to Coruscant from Star Wars. The stories here are an attempt to describe the world of Vallarn and the hardy souls who inhabit it. The image on this page is a painting of my original plaster and foam model by Ivan Ahmad.