Seven Sons

In the coastal kingdoms of Rhodia the sons of nobility possess rights assigned at birth based on their birth order. The world beyond the coastal realm is dangerous and unforgiving. The inflexible rights of birth of the Rhodian nobility have allowed for survival and success in an existence fraught with adversity and hardship. Long wars with the southern sea elves and perpetual threats from the northern realms, and wastes to the east require a stern civil and military code.

The first seven sons of a Rhodian noble possess the following rights in order of birth. It should be noted that those rights are as much in fact obligations as they are privileges. The right to inheritance, the right to maritime venture, the right to raise armies, the right to wealth, the right of craftsmanship, the right of masonry, and the right of the divine order. Any man favored enough by the divine to have more than seven sons should prepare them with diverse skills and training. Sons born after the 7th have the right of liberty.