War Robots

In the last half of 2015 and into the first half of 2017 I embarked on a journey to better bring a game I was greatly enjoying to life. That game was Walking War Robots (WWR) at the time but as most will know it now, became War Robots (WR) sometime in 2016. At the time I began writing, Pixonic, the developer, was still building its studio and their aforementioned flagship game had no narrative context or setting despite a growing and loyal international fan base. In that two year period I wrote a novel's worth of adventures based on game play and in some cases inspired by well known players and friends. Some of these stories have been shared on a private blog or through the developer's website. One I even had translated to Russian which I am glad to say was very well received by that nations players, and as I understand helped Pixonic make the determination that fans did in fact want a story for their own exploits to take place in. Some of my War Robot adventures I have never published and will share here as I am able to edit and proof read them. This has been and still remains a project I am very passionate about and am grateful to share with those who love science fiction worlds and giant mechs.